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Below you can find our company’s standard working procedures brochure, which should be able to answer some of your questions regarding the necessary documents and steps taken towards a productive and profitable collaboration.

As mentioned in the brochure one of the preliminary documents needed is the Soft Corporate Offer or SCO.

The SCO is usually issued by the seller or the supplier of a commodity in order to make his price, shipment and payment methods clear for all the possible buyers. It also facilitates the issuing of the LOI (see below paragraph) by the buyers and also gives them a guarantee that they are dealing with a serious and valid supplier for their requested commodity.

From the intermediary’s point of view the SCO facilitates the procedures of requesting the LOI and make it easier to do research on the supplier in order to see past activities in which the buyer has taken part and estimate a more accurate supply ability.

We have provided a sample of the SCO, for information purposes and for better understanding of the document.

Another document and probably the most important is the Letter Of Intent or LOI.

The LOI is issued by the buyer either after without the SCO or after one has been given for insurance purposes.

The LOI represents the buyer’s intention to acquire a certain commodity and specifies what quantity the buyer needs, a length of time (normally 12 months), a transport method, payment methods as well as banking details so that the supplier can be assured of cooperation and seriousness from their side.

If the terms specified in the LOI are accepted by the seller and or supplier, all legal procedures and paperwork, necessary for a contract to be signed begin.

For information purposes we have provided an LOI sample.

A final document that is used by our company in negotiations is the Intermediary Acknowledgement Document or IAD.

This document is signed by both buyer and supplier before any action is to be taken by the intermediary. It is used mostly for the intermediary’s insurance that all parties that participate in the negotiations are aware and agree to their terms and conditions.

It also states the fees and gives information about the involvement of the middle company also known as intermediary.

For information purposes we have provided an IAD sample.

IAD Sample
LOI Sample
SCO Model


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